Thursday, August 28, 2008


Is three posts in one day crazy? This is a quicky, I got my fabric in! Take a look...and tell me what to do with it, Im at a loss, it was an impulse buy

The colors change as you go down the fabric

Im thinking maybe a riding hood for this one? More likely an apron

and then just for fun she threw in this..its tiny...what to do with it! Change purse?


Kiddo said...

Whoa! I love the fairy tale one!

Apron, a good choice. If you have any left over, or can get ahold of more, I will pay you for a square foot or something! It would make the best book cover for a book I've been designing in my head!!

I'd do table cloth with the first.

Lacey said...

I got the fabric here

She is on a short break right now from selling because she just moved from Japan to Sydney. I bought a half yard from her (I think that's how she sells it usually but you can order two and get it uncut) so keep checking back with her and hopefully she will have more. If I have extra I will send it your way, but I don't know yet.

J.R. said...

the red riding hood fabric is so awesome! where did you find that?