Saturday, August 2, 2008

Book Update- Twilight

Ok so I finished the book the other day. It took 3 days - so a quick read - but my verdict did not change too much. Unsophisticated, sophomoric and ultimately cheesy. And you know what...I liked it. Yup...its embarrassing...really embarrassing...its like being addicted to the OC (uhm...I had a short stint of being addicted to that show before it got super crazy...when the wives started hitting on the high-school kids is when I decided it was time to dip).

Let me give you a taste of some cheese:

(Bella to the Vampire) " I touched his face. 'Look,' I said. ' I love you more than everything else in the world combined. Isn't that enough?'"
" ' Yes it is enough, ' he answered, smiling. 'Enough for forever.'"

Ok confession! I'm now reading the third book in this series. I read the second book in a day and a half and now Im on the third. That settles it...Im regressing into teenage melodrama loving!! I have theories about why these books are so attractive to me and I will fully explain in my next update. No time now...must read.

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