Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Pang and Lacey Sewing Line continued

Oh one day we will be master sewers and get a third person to make our line into a day.

So this week we made a camera strap! Mine didn't come out quite as good as I want so I will try again, but now I have even more motivation because Katy gave me hers to cover too! My first (non-paid) commission :)

So I picked this sweet turquoise houndstooth material and basically just cut a long strip, hemmed it on all sides, decorated it with zigzags (crooked ones...I need help in the sewing a straight line department) and then just wrapped it around and sewed it on.

check out Pang's!

Before that we went to the Rhubarb House and had some yummy sandiches! (I know its spelled wrong, thats the way I say it busters!)

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