Saturday, August 2, 2008

Unprovoked Moose Attack

Friday night Jon and I went out to Germantown to hang with my mammy and see her soon to be husband's band play. While there we played a bit of pool and made ridiculous redneck faces and then just some goofy faces for my soft focus bar portraits. Here are the results:

shoooot buster!

mammy would be so proud

i try and i try

ahhhhhh gozirra!

I took this one for Pang: mouchi mouchi!

and this one: insert awkward noise here

Then we played pool

and this is me coaxing the ball into the vain

and this is Rick..handsome I know, playing with his band Unprovoked Moose Attack.

In other news. While I was at the bar Emily called. The bat got into the house. Perfect timing for me because I just took Hibou to stay with Jon for the week. I knew that little monster would find a way through. I had been hearing it for weeks in the chimney and it would crawl and inch its way over to the ceiling of my bedroom and scratch and squeak and make me all squirmy and scared. Well luckily (i say this with great sarcasm) Eddie (landlord) was in his studio which is attached to our apartment. I called him..he came over and told Emily some stories (apparently this is not the first time this has happened..thanks a lot Eddie) and then went upstairs with a paddle to "take care of it." He and two of our friends (equipped with a frying pan and a net) somehow managed to catch it and...well I dont know what the did with it...hopefully they let it go. Oh the drama of living in a 200 year old house!

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Pang said...

are my eyes really like that?!