Thursday, August 7, 2008

Partytime for Junior

Saturday of last week was JR's bday so Jon and I had a packed day getting ready for that because we made this!

TAH DAH! Jon made it really...He cut out all the stuff and ironed it on. It was my idea though! Im just not good at details!

Hibou was oh so thrilled and excited :)

I also made this little dinny. I called it the cowboy dinny: Baked taters, beans with real bacon and hard boiled that gross to you? Well its delish.

Then on to the drinkies!

This was a whisky shot they did. I thought Pang was going to vom after this but she held it together!

another soft-focus portrait for my little growing project

yeah...pang face...what can we say about her? she dont know no better :)

Also... I realize now that I didn't really get any pictures of JR...Im just too obsessed with Pang.

1 comment:

Pang said...

it's ok to be stuck on me. i likes it.

and by the way, i've already picked out the second book for our book club!