Thursday, August 14, 2008

Book Update- Twilight Saga

So only a week or so ago I was complaining about the unsophisticated writing of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. After reading the first book I was determined to move forward with the series and stick it out to see what happened. In less than a week I read the other 3 books, finishing the last and final book in the saga today. I must admit, I was pulling into the "phenomenon" just like everyone else. I couldn't wait to read more, I wanted to spend all my free time with these books. I took them to work even and found myself wanting to hiss (something Edward the vampire does quite often) at the customers coming in and pulling me away from my obsession. Last night I put the book down to go to bed with only 6 or so chapters left. I had so much anxiety about the book and getting to the ending that my insomniac tendency reared its ugly dumb sheep head and kept me up until 5am tossing and turning with my brain churning, thinking, thinking, not always about the book, but I know that's what fueled the unrest. I may have to stop reading in bed like Jon suggested :(
I don't want to give anything away here so I can't quite go into too much detail about the specific aspects, but I think what drew me to these books was the nostalgic power they have to take me right back to high school. The drama and the relationship between Bella and Edward, that first love relationship, is so bitter-sweet, so unrealistic, so not anything I ever let myself believe in (the whole being together forever and marrying my first love right out of high-school) that I go through the book really wanting things to work out for Bella and Edward (despite how annoyingly "high-school" she can act (but that actually makes it all the more nostalgic because I remember being that way, we all were), really wanting the truly romantic to come true. It just reminds me of a time when love didn't have so much pressure. There was no worrying about making money, getting married, living together, having kids. None of those things were real concerns, they were fantasies. You were so in love that you thought about those things with longing and pleasure, not having the slightest clue about all the stress and anxiety that is really involved.
And also...she just makes Edward so darn sexy :)


Jon said...

Werewolves are better!

Annie said...

Lacey- I totally get what you mean about these books. My favorite was New Moon, so I love Jon's comment! Bella was not my favorite, though I did finally like her more in Breaking Dawn. Guess it was because she IS more mature, not whining about how unloveable she is. I really related to her clutziness though.

The reading group I'm a part of read Twilight a few months ago (I read it last year) and one of my friends didn't like it. She decided to stick it out and finish the series also, and she loved New Moon, and is now on Eclipse.

Lacey said...

really, New Moon is your favorite? That was probably my least favorite because it had the least amount of Edward. I just kept reading thinking "where is he!" "why would he leave!"
But hey, to each her own yes?
Breaking Dawn was by far my favorite though