Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh the things one learns at school

Tuesday I had my first economics class (which I am apprehensive about...anything that involves math makes me apprehensive) and the teacher walks in and says "Ok I hope you are all here for the Math 123 class."....huh? we're all looking around at each other and people are starting to get their things together as they realize they are in the wrong room until the teacher pulls a "JK!" do not want to mess with me when math is involved. So then he goes on to joke about how the first day automatically calls for the first quiz, and is everyone ok with that. Of course we all just stare dumbly at him, and he says, "ok well we wont do that quiz then. You will find that this class is not a monopoly" pause...pause....pause...he's looking around the room, and i'm looking at him wondering what he's talking about...wait here it comes "its a democracy!" Wait what? it's not a monopoly its a democracy? Tell me I'm not being crazy...that doesn't make sense right? He's mixing business terms with types of governments and I'm supposed to know what he's talking about?! And he's going to be instructing me for the next 15 weeks! Oh la!
Speaking of the next 15 weeks, here is what Boober (Hibou) and I have to look forward to for the next 15 weeks of drawing

while I am getting better I still really don't enjoy drawing and i especially don't enjoy drawing people (or skeletons). But don't worry I'll keep you updated and let you see all the embarrassing alien shaped people I draw.

Also, I had my first speech class today (scary!) but the guy seems really cool. He was living/working in New Orleans when Katrina hit and lost everything (poor guy) so he came home to West Virginia and is teaching a bit. But! He took pictures of each of us individually before we were allowed to he could "remember us." Certainly not so he could track us down for missing a class or stalk us and steal our houses (mean joke, not his fault he doesn't have a house), but really...kinda creepers.

And also here is the picture of the camera strap I made, full length. Bad pictures but you can see the front and back

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