Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Sloppy Avocado Cheesy, made possible by English Granary Bread

As promised I will now give you the recipe for the English Granary Bread. I always make the small loaves because I'm the only one here to eat it, so here is the measurements for that size.

2/3 cups water
1 tablespoon English Golden Syrup or honey (dont be afraid to use honey, I do)
1/2 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup bread flour (I didn't know what this meant when I first started making bread, but there is a special kind of flour that works best for bread, its not all-purpose, so check the labels)
1 teaspoon rapid-rising or active dry yeast

Right now I make all my bread in the bread machine because my 200 year old apartment only boasts the best of 1960's (with the exception of the new fridge) so my oven is tiny (about half the size of normal ones) and it's also terribly unbalanced and unreliable

So in the machine you pour the water in at room temperature and then all the other ingredients except the yeast. You then make a small indent in the flour to deposit your yeast into (it can't be touching any wet ingredients). Use either the Basic or Whole Wheat setting and set the crust to medium. And three hours later you have bread!
Now I know not all of you have bread machines so if you want the mixer/hand/ or oven version of the directions just let me know!

So! Now that you have bread what to do with it? Well this bread is just right for grilled samiches I would say because its not too soft and not too dense, so it holds up well. It also has a light, unobtrusive flavor so you can sauce the sillies out of your creation. Here is what I made:

The Sloppy Avocado Cheesy

two slices English Granary, buttered on one side
pesto, a nice thick spread on one or both pieces of bread (not on the butter side of course..duh)
sharp cheddar cheese
half an avocado, sliced

The reason this is called "the sloppy" is because avocado has a habit of slipping out of samiches and going all the places you dont want it to. So I would suggest using a panini press or George Forman or something to squish it down. Or not...be sloppy like me..still tastes good :)


Earth blog said...

Look's nice!

Jon said...

Oh man that looks good! Will you pack one in my lunch...? Hehehe :)