Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Katy comes for a visit

My dear lovely Katy came to visit last week. I only had one day to see her :( poor timing all around but we had a good day.

here she is on the porch with Steven. I didn't set this up I swear, they really were looking in opposite directions.

Chelsea was there too and as usual I hassled her into being my model (she doesn't really fight it)

While we were there (Jenn's place) we were witness to a bit of neighborhood drama. Katy and Jenn were outside when the neighbor (an older woman in her 60's I would guess) comes running over to Jenn crying saying over and over "he hit me, he hit me." She had already called the police and shortly after she came over three cruisers showed up. She was drunk and although I didn't get close enough to know I'm sure he was too. She kept saying "look at my face!" Honestly I didn't see too much, but Jenn could tell her face was more swollen than usual. As soon as the man comes out of the house they start yelling at each other, mostly her yelling "he's lying!"
The cops cuffed him and put him in the car then came to talk to this woman. This was the worst part because then she starts hysterically screaming "I'm not pressing charges! I don't want him to go to jail! I love him! He's a good man." All the while Katy is holding this woman's hand over the balcony trying to calm her down (not possible at her state of drunkness and hysteria) and then the cops come over the talk to her. They say this is the 6th time they've been out for domestic abuse so the state of MD is pressing charges, nothing she can do about it. Then the female cop gets frustrated with the woman's constant yelling and starts telling her "he's going to kill you, he hits you, you need to move, he's going to kill you, one day you will call and when we get here you will be dead." This was all taking place right in front of me, like I could reach out and touch any of them. They made her file a report and write in her own words what happened, but she could barely do it. Katy feeling bad for her tried to help her spell but the cop told us that wasn't allowed. So he got taken away and she wandered down the street to show people her face. Really sad to watch.

Later we were all feeling a little hungry so we went to Proof and got yummy custard filled fruit tarts, my favorite!

Katy is a good sharer :)

you can see more pictures here

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