Thursday, August 28, 2008

Frederick for Realsies

So I was out in Frederick the other night and we were supposed to be playing frisbee but silly putty for brains Lacey forgot her running shoes.. so instead I suggested we go for a walk so we could still burn a few calories (watching the Olympics and Walle made me feel like a slug so I have been working real hard to not be one). I suggested walking along Carol Creek but walking past all the nice new little restaurants and getting out to the gritty side...and boy is it gritty

Here's Jon looking thrilled about our walkies...hehe...sorry but I needed a walkies

looking back at the sunset towards the nice side of town

And I'm pretty sure we saw the residents of this here house fishing out in the creek...for realsies


Kiddo said...

Dude, I saw an old man fishing through a grate in German Street into the Run.

Fo shizzle.

I hope he caught a twoheaded fish with pink spots!

Jon said...

You can't actually tell by these pictures, but Carroll Creek is a disgusting bog of a shit hole and smells just about as nice. Let's put up expensive condos and restaurant chains along it!