Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Night Photography

As I realized school starts Monday I figured I better get in some more work on my night body, so here are a few new ones

and what body would be complete without a cheesy self portrait?


Kiddo said...

The drops in the fountain is my favorite.

It looks like you took all those with a filter of Absinthe over your lens!

Speaking of which, I found an $80 bottle of absinthe, now being sold legally in the US with the original wormwood recipe. It makes me wonder why they had to make it illegal in the first place. Why not just tax the shit out of it? Bloody hell.

Lacey said...

Really? the original wormwood? I knew you could get the dumbed down version in America but I still thought the other was illegal. In any case, even without the wormwood its yummy and has the potential to get you real ripped.