Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekend in the Woods

This weekend I went to my grandparent's cabin in Terra Alta for a bit of golfing and swimming (well the kids and Jon swam but not me)...and I have a few pictures to share...thats all really

Jon is concentrating here, too many balls get sacrificed to the "drink"

Look at me go! See the little orange thing in the air? I did that! (this was actually a very bad shot that went into the trees which I ignored and proceeded to hit another ball which made it almost to the green)

This was at a "creek" (my Pop kept calling it that but it looked like a river to me). Jon and Rick wanted to climb up to the top but mom vetoed that idea

very pretty area


Jon said...

Those golf photos are really cool! I can't wait to go back there. Do you recall if that shot of mine actually made it over the water? I think I lost at least one, hehehe.

Lacey said...

That was with Merri Sue...uhm I think that was the one that bounced over and then we thought it bounced back in but it was right on the edge, remember?

Jon said...

oh yeah...