Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last Free Weekend

Yesterday was beautiful so when Brittney suggested swinging we couldn't say no

And Plus!

Surrey has been a bad little kitten. Do you remember this plant? Take a look here

So last night we went out to Htown to see Pang in her very first art show :) It was a food based show so she made some cute little plushies

I like the fangs :)


and this one she sold! It's a Durian...did I spell that right Pang?

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Pang said...

thanks for coming to support me! post videos, for example, from YouTub: on the right hand side next to the video, there's a code under the word "embed"...copy and paste that on to your new post screen. voila! if you still don't get it, i can come over and show you in a jiffy! tootles!